The Pick Up A 12 Pack Of Life Project
Saving Lives…One Song At A Time

A drunk driver kills a person every 30 minutes in America.

The Pick Up A 12 Pack Of Life project is working to change that terrible fact and we are using music to do so. This summer we are looking for country music performers from across the nation to help us by using the power of their songs.

We’re producing a digital compilation CD series for twelve states containing twelve songs from twelve unsigned acts.

If you are selected, you and your song will receive an amazing amount of free publicity, as we will be promoting our lifesaving message to never drive drunk through you and your music.

The best part of all…its 100% FREE to you!

Why not advance your career and a save the lives of young music fans everywhere at the same time.

Click here to learn more about how it works, or here to submit your music today!